Best Essential Oils for Diabetes

In thousand years, essential oil had been used to cure anything that come from minor wound to anxiety. They become popular in this current time when people look for best alternative option for expensive medication. Essential oils were created from extraction of plant. This is done by the steam distillation process. Then they can be used as topically or diffused by the air which can help your health issues as well. Therefore, there are many best essential oils for diabetes that you can use as your best alternatives and solving your problem.

Best Essential Oils for Diabetes

Best Essential Oils for Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the chronic and metabolic diseases in this time. It was estimated around 10% of population had been diagnoses with diabetes while the other 8 million people also likely have it without had been diagnosed. However, there is no defined cure; diabetes can be managed by diet and healthy lifestyle. There is alternative way to boost your own diabetes management by using essential oil that can be used in many ways in order to improve your insulin sensitivity, digestive system and managing your body composition as well.

Several ways to use essential oils for your diabetes management

  1. Using essential oil f culinary cinnamon

Cinnamon is generally referring to the group of trees and that leaf had been distilled to get essential oil. there are many varieties of cinnamon tree, including of C. Cassia that we usually used for this essential oil. Research had been moved though the application and best preparation and essential oil had been revealed their appearance in the literature. There is evaluation of cinnamon leaf in essential oil that can be found that all of the tested doses is significantly reduce the blood glucose along with fructosamine as well.

  1. Combination of essential oils for insulin sensitivity

One of the most interesting part about essential oil is the effect for synergy which becomes phenomenon where the combinations of oils will work together to give stronger effects. This is also one reason why some people prefer to make combinations and formulas rather than only use one oil.

  1. Using Melissa essential oils for your glucose regulation

Similar with cinnamon, several herbs and essential oil were considered as the anti diabetic. Based on the research, it shown that only need few amounts of this oil to make big difference for those who fight for blood sugar imbalance.

  1. Korean pine for strong benefit

The Korean pine of essential oil had been made from needles of pine tress. You can use this essential oil for your best essential oils for diabetes.

The benefits of essential oils:

Essential oils have positive effect on your body and mind as well. it said that they can reduce the side effect that associated with several numbers of health condition, including of diabetes. Essential oils also able to fight the infection and relieve the stress. There are many cultures which had been used essential oil as the way to improve their health’s quality. Plus essential oils also had been said that have several medicinal benefits as well.

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