Coding of diabetic neuropathy ICD 10

There had been much confusion between coding professionals interpretation of coding guideline. The area which contain of several instances if using this diabetic neuropathy icd 10. The ICD-10-Cm is the diabetes code with the related conditions. The official guideline of ICD-10-CM for coding and reporting also stated in the following of Section I.A.15: the term of “with: should be interpreted as “associated with” or “due to” when cur in code’s title. Instructional note or alphabetic index in the tabular list as well. Then the term of “with” in Alphabetic Index was sequenced immediately after the first term, not orderly.

Coding of diabetic neuropathy ICD 10

Coding of diabetic neuropathy ICD 10

There is the recent clarification about this guide which had been published in frst quarter of 2006 issue from AHA coding clinic. Based on this clarification, the subterm “with” in the index shall be interrupted as the lib between diabetes and any condition under the term of “with”.

Keep in mind that there are five categories ICD-10-CM that you should know:

–       E08 diabetes mellitus which had been caused by underlying reason or certain condition

–       E9 chemicals or drugs that induce diabetes mellitus

–       E10 type I (diabetes mellitus)

–       E11 type II (diabetes mellitus)

–       E13 other types of diabetes mellitus

The instructions in diabetes categories:

There are several basic instructions about how to code each of categories as mentioned above:

–       E08 Diabetes mellitus with underlying condition. This is important to code that underlying conditions as first step:

  1. Malnutrition E40-E46
  2. Malignant neoplasm E84
  3. Cushing’s syndrome E24.-
  4. Cystic fibrosis E84.-
  5. Continental rubella P35.0
  6. Pancreatitis and other pancreas diseases K85-K86.-

–       E09 drug or chemical which had induced the diabetes mellitus. Yu can use the code from T36-T65 chapters in order to identify the drugs and chemicals witch involving as the cause o diabetes. You should use code Z79.4 if the patient use insulin.

–       E10 and E11, this is obviously show the type of diabetes and you should use Z79.4 if patient use insulin.

–       E13 and other specified diabetes mellitus. Once again, you should use code Z79.4 if patient using insulin. This category including of:

–        diabetes mellitus that associated your genetic defects in action if insulin

–       Diabetes mellitus that associated to genetic defects from beta cell function

–       The postprocedural of diabetes mellitus

–       The secondary of diabetes mellitus NEC

–       The postpancreatectomy of diabetes mellitus

Then you can choose the 4th ICD-10-CM code digit

This 4th digit becomes very essential, if applicable, it allowing the coding to determine several more common of diabetes complication.

–       0 = Hyperosmolaroty

Usually this diabetes complication of typer II with high blood sugar level without any ketones

–       1= ketacidosis

This is become harmful metabolic condition due to high concentration of the ketone bodies that formed by the breakdown of fatty acid and deamination from amino acid which typically had been associated with type I of diabetes as well.

–       2= Nefropathy

You can use its code whether there is a documentation for kidney disease  which had been caused by diabetes.

–       3 =  the ophthalmic

–       4= neurogical

–       5= circulatory

–       6= others

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