Dangerous Eye Complications of Diabetes That Cause Blindness

Diabetes is a dangerous disease since it gives negative effects to the other parts of the sufferer’s body or causes complications of diabetes. There are so many diabetes complications of diabetes; one of them is complication that attacks the eyes of the sufferer. Sufferers of diabetes must be really careful since their diabetes is able to damage their sight. Even though diabetes is able to damage sufferers’ sight, they can do many things so that diabetes will get lower chance to damage their sight.

Complications of Diabetes

Complications of Diabetes

If diabetes already attacked sufferers’ eyes, the sufferers still can do something to halt the existing eye damage. Eye damage caused by diabetes should be treated early so its growth will stop. Lots of people got blindness that is caused by their diabetes. Since diabetes is a silent disease that you won’t know when it comes to you then suddenly it kills you, it is important for you to get full eye check right when you are diagnosed having diabetes so you can anticipate complications of diabetes.

Then everyone who has diabetes must get eye checks once per two years so that they will get proper treatment if the diabetes starts causing eye damage. But if diabetes sufferers already get eye damage they must get checks also treatments that are directed by the eye specialist. Many are wondering how come diabetes affects the eyes of diabetes sufferers. Eye complications of diabetes type 2 happen when diabetes affects lens and retina. If complications of diabetes affect the retina, the damage is more serious.

Serious Eye Complications of Type 1 Diabetes

Lens and retina are two important parts of our eyes. Lens is the front part of eyes. If someone has to wear the glasses he has problem with his eye lens. His glasses will act like extra lens, correcting problem in lens of the eyeballs. Many people who have problem with their lens don’t have problem with diabetes. Retina is located in the back of eyeball. Retina is disc that is sensitive to light and will pick up picture that is coming through the lens. Lens work like movie projector while retina works like the screen. What kind of eye damage caused by complications of diabetes?

About the eye complications of diabetes, it is called the diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy comes in three stages, beginning, middle, and end. Diabetic retinopathy’s end point results blindness or total vision loss. That is why the sufferers of diabetes must treat the beginning point of diabetic retinopathy. If beginning part of diabetic retinopathy is treated, it will stop from being worse.

Description:  Diabetes is silent disease that will cause deadly complications on the body of diabetes sufferers. Today we’ll talk about one of complications of diabetes, eye damage.

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