Diabetes Awareness Ribbon for Every People Who Care with Diabetes

Some illness has strong effect in people’s condition. It triggers people who concern with that illness create awareness ribbon, like one so called diabetes awareness ribbon. Awareness ribbon itself is short piece of colored ribbon that is formed into a loop as a way of people to show their support for some issue. Each color represents different meaning. It is also happens in diabetes. As one of the silent killers in this world diabetes should not be neglected. This awareness ribbon shows social support and disease awareness toward other people.

Grey and Blue Diabetes Awareness Ribbon

Awareness ribbons are created to draw public awareness toward health, disability, medical condition and other issue related to diseases. The meaning of the awareness ribbon depends on the colors. Many organizational groups used this ribbon to support each other or to make other people aware about their health. Diabetes awareness ribbon comes with two colors, the first is blue and the second is grey. Each color has its own meaning. But it has the same purpose that is to create awareness among people about the harms of diabetes toward their condition.

Diabetes Awareness Ribbon

Diabetes Awareness Ribbon

Grey ribbon meaning is to show and draw diabetes awareness. It has a small heart at the end of the loop. The heart has red color to support people with diabetes and to show their concern with diabetes illness. However, there are also some other illnesses that used grey ribbon they are allergies, aphasia, asthma and brain cancer. Besides grey, diabetes awareness ribbon also shown with blue color. However, the design of the ribbon is quite different.

International Diabetes Federation designs a blue circle ribbon as diabetes awareness ribbon. It does not form like a loop instead it has circle look. Even though awareness color for diabetes is grey but common diabetes is symbolized with blue circle. Blue color in this awareness ribbon means to remind with the color of the sky whereas the circle symbolized unity. The founder hopes that this ribbon can unite all nations because it is also the color of united nation flag.

If you want to show the awareness toward the people who suffer from diabetes, you can use these ribbon colors—either blue or grey have the same meaning. You can choose the ribbon that you like most or that is suitable with the organization that you follow. By wearing diabetes awareness ribbon it means that you concern with people who suffer from diabetes and also ask other people’s awareness to do the same thing you do.

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