Diabetes Diet Menu for Meal Time and Snack Times

People who suffer from diabetes need to be a picky eater. They need to consume food that contains low sugar and fructose. That is why they need to have a diabetes meal plan. It can help and guide people who suffer from diabetes about how much food that they can consume and types of food that they can eat during meal and snack times. The meal plan must include diabetes diet menu that is suitable with schedule and eating habits for each individual.

Safe and Health Diabetes Diet Menu

The right diabetes diet menu will help you to improve blood glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure as well as keep your weight ideal. However, the food should have balance amount if it is insulin and oral medication that they take. Exercise will also really help to manage the blood glucose level on your body. You can create the suitable diet plan by consulting with your dietitian or your doctor. If you consume healthy food, you can improve your health condition and prevent yourself from complication.

Diabetes Diet Menu

Diabetes Diet Menu

In consuming health food, you are provided with diabetic diet food list that you can consume. Basically you can eat any kinds of vegetables because vegetables are very natural and healthy. You can also eat whole grains, fruits, not-fat dairy products, poultry, fish and lean meats. You can choose diabetes diet menu that is rich with minerals, vitamins and fibers that will be useful and beneficial for your body.

Diabetic 1200 calorie meal plan is suitable for diabetic people who want to lose weight. For maximum, you can consume 1400 calories but it is better to consume 1200 calories per day. You can combine the meal time with snack time to get that amount of calories so you will not gain much more weight or consume too much calories on diabetes diet menu. You always need to check the portion control every 3 hours.

For breakfast you can consume fruity bagel, yoghurt, egg muffins, nutty oatmeal or veggie omelet. The breakfast menu tends to be lighter. For lunch you can eat heavy menu such as tuna melt, roastbeef sandwich, chicken salad, roast-beef sandwich, bean toast, pesto pizza, tuna salad, and cream soup. For the snack you can consume fruits such as tangerine, strawberry, melon, apricot, kiwi and apple and bean such as roasted almond, walnut, nut, and peanut butter. Whereas diabetes diet menu for dinner can be barbeque chicken, roast beef, potatoes and halibut, meatballs and pasta, shrimp and salad, oven friend chicken and stir fry tofu.

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