Diabetes during Pregnancy: The Risk and How to Treat It

Diabetes is a serious disease that can affect your body’s function. It is the condition where your body cannot control the amount of sugar in your blood. You do not have enough insulin to control it therefore it can be the big problem. During pregnancy, diabetes becomes one of the most common complications. Diabetes during pregnancy needs careful attention so you can consult your doctor regularly to check your baby and your condition.

Checking and Understanding Diabetes during Pregnancy

Before you diagnose yourself from diabetes it is good if you know the causes and symptoms of diabetes first. There are two types of diabetes. First is type 1 diabetes that is an autoimmune disease that need daily shot of insulin. The symptoms of type 1 diabetes are urination, constant hunger, extreme fatigue and weight loss. It cannot be one of diabetes during pregnancy because it can be noticed in the childhood or young adults.

Diabetes during Pregnancy

Diabetes during Pregnancy

The second is type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. The symptoms are included constant hunger, kidney infections, increased urination and thirst, and fatigue. People who suffer from type 2 diabetes are older age, family history and physical inactivity. This is the most common diabetes during pregnancy case that happened. The most important thing if you suffer from this diabetes when you are pregnant, you need to treat it for the sake of you and your baby’s health.

There some diabetes in pregnancy guidelines that you need to consider if you want make your baby safe. First, you need to take your time to have diet plan by consulting your doctor. You need to maintain the blood glucose level. Diabetes during pregnancy need a lot of attention from every people involved not only the mother but also the doctor and the family. They will help you to monitor your health. You can ask anything about your condition and also consult about the medications that you take during pregnancy.

If you do not take care of the disease it will affect your baby. Diabetes during pregnancy effects on baby can be serious. There are some negative health risks that can be suffered by the baby if the mother has diabetes. The baby can suffer from macrosonomia where your baby grows too larger because there is a lot of insulin on the placenta. Then, hypoglycemia is low blood sugar or jaundice is a yellowish discoloration on baby’s skin. The effects are no joke therefore you need to be care with diabetes during pregnancy.

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