Diabetes Foot Pain Treatment using Home Remedies

Diabetes not only affects your organ function but it also becomes a big trouble for your feet. Diabetes makes your feet hurt because it reduces flow to your feet and cause your feet get less oxygen and nutrients. It makes your feet difficult to heal if it is suffer from blisters or sores. The next thing is diabetes damage peripheral neuropathy that makes your feet feels numb. Diabetes foot pain is very hurt and makes your feet east to get infection and even worse, it can lead to amputation.

Treatment for Diabetes Foot Pain

Fortunately, there are some things that you do to treat foot problems or even prevent it from diabetes. The first diabetic foot pain treatment can be done by checking both of the feet daily. Diabetes foot pain needed to be checked every day and make sure you also check the part between your toes. Infection can be started from that area and if you suffer from diabetic neuropathy you may not feel it until it becomes infection. If you cannot check your feet by yourself you can ask your family to check it.

Diabetes foot pain

Diabetes foot pain

The second thing that you can do to treat diabetes foot pain is by washing it with warm water. It is such an easy diabetic foot pain home remedies that you can do in your house. You can do it by washing both of the feet with warm water each day. Using warm water not hot water, you can check it with your hand first. Do not soak for too long because it will be hard to heal and needs more time.

The third thing that you can do to take care of diabetes foot pain is by making sure you wear the fit size of shoes. It is very important to make your feet feel safe because even slightest misfit can cause blister that can becomes infection that can never be cured. So, it is very risky to wear shoes therefore you must check it carefully and make sure that the shoes are fit and comfortable to wear by you.

The last effort that you can do to treat diabetes foot pain is by staying soft and dry. It mostly happens among diabetic people. Their skin becomes dry and cracked because of high glucose level. It makes the bacteria easily get under your skin and make the infection becomes hard to heal. You can prevent it by using skin lotion every day and make sure your feet feel dry after applying it.

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