Diabetes Insipidus Symptoms That You Should Know

Generally there are two types of diabetes that describe the general term about a condition where your body often urinated, one of which is called as Diabetes Insipidus. If you suffer from this diabetes your body will feel extra thirsty and you will urinate a lot. There are some diabetes insipidus symptoms that can be noticed. However, you need to understand about what diabetes insipidus is and how it can affect you first. You can treat it well if you understand it well. Therefore, your understanding about this disease is very important to help yourself.

Diabetes Insipidus Symptoms and Causes

Diabetes insipidus causes are known by a certain substance called as Antidiuretic Hormone or ADH. This substance is produced in the brain called as hypothalamus. It instructs your kidneys to hold onto water. If you suffer from diabetes insipidus your body does not produce enough ADH and it becomes the cause of all of the diabetes insipidus symptoms in your body. Your kidney cannot retain water so if you are dehydrated they will pull out a lot of pale and make your condition becomes imbalance.

diabetes insipidus symptoms

diabetes insipidus symptoms

So, what are the diabetes insipidus symptoms? The first symptom that you can experience is getting really thirsty, pee a lot or known as polyuria and also dehydrated. If you feel these kinds of symptoms your body will feel weak, lethargy, irritability, and muscle pains. So, how about the diabetes insipidus diagnosis? If you feel these symptoms you need to soon see your doctor to check your condition. Your doctor will help you how to handle with your constant need for a bathroom and your thirst.

If you see your doctor, he may ask you to do several tests to rematch with the diabetes insipidus symptoms. You can take blood and urine test that may take several hours. Your doctor will count the amount of sodium in your blood and urine. He may give you ADH substitute to examine your kidneys respond to the urine concentration.

When you have already been diagnosed with diabetes insipidus symptoms which means you are suffering from diabetes insipidus, you may feel curious about how serious your condition is. The fact that diabetes insipidus does not lead to dialysis. Your kidneys still can do their job to filter your blood. But, it will be very risky for you to suffer from dehydration. You need to make sure that you drink enough amount of water especially when the weather is hot or when you are exercising.

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