Diabetes Test Strips and Its Capability

Diabetes patients are often difficult to maintain glucose level due to lack of physical sign. For this matter, diabetes test strips become the guide to know sugar level in bloodstream. To put in simple explanation, the device to measure blood level is called glucose meter. There are several models and types on market.

Diabetes Test Strips

Diabetes Test Strips

Primary function of diabetes test strips is to know the sugar level. This device is useful for patient with diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2. You might be familiar with diabetes diseases, but how’s about type 1 and 2 diabetes? More than eighty percent of patients are type 1 or 2. People with pancreas disorder will produce less insulin. This problem appears on children because of genetic cause. This kind of diabetes is called type 1. Insulin problem comes from pancreas dysfunction. 10% of diabetes patient is type 1. On the other hand, type 2 takes more than 70% because it happens on young, adult, or old people. Pancreas dysfunction is not solely from genetic factor. This problem comes as lack of ability of insulin to transform glucose. The rest of diabetes is from the other factors, such medication, external accident, etc.


Knowing diabetes is important to use diabetes test strips. It is device to control how much sugar level in patient. In type 1, the device helps children ultimately since they cannot understand insulin condition immediately. Besides, people need glucose meter to recognize the precise level of blood level. How does this device work? Old technology uses small drop blood to check the sugar level. You can use lancet to put blood on disposable spot. The device will analyze it quickly based on your blood condition. This method is very effective due to blood integrity. However, blood testing is not suitable anymore due to the complex procedure.


On market, you will find noninvasive meter with no blood testing as source. Accuracy is crucial issue in this device. Manufacturers should use international standard where accuracy reaches 95% level. In reality, some devices are still below the level. Research shows blood in certain organs is different with other. This means glucose level is quite different and it influences the accuracy. In spite of accuracy, people still use it because of flexibility. Technology for diabetes test strips emerges with many advanced. The device is able to store data from previous measurement.


You can monitor sugar level from past time to plan the future diet. In addition, the device is integrated with smartphone to send the data. You just bring data capture to get sugar level from blood. The device is standby at home then analyzes the data. After that, the result will be sent via smartphone. This is what future test strips for diabetes should look like.

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