Diabetes Type 2 Diet for the Better Health

Diabetes patients rise significantly from 1960s to 2000s. Many factors influence this matter. Basically, metabolism disorder and high sugar level are the common signs to recognize the type of diabetes. Instead of consuming medication or insulin injection, you may consider diabetes type 2 diet as the solution. The diet should be applied under supervision from doctor or dietician. Before knowing more about this diet, it is better to recognize the signs of diabetes mellitus type 2

Diabetes Type 2 Diet for the Better Health

Diabetes Type 2 Diet for the Better Health

Common signs are excess urination, hunger, fatigue, and weight loss. Others are blurred vision, reproduction infection, peripheral neuropathy, and exhausted. The simplest sign is healing ability. If you have injury which takes long time to heal, it might be problem in blood as glucose prevents to heal. Knowing signs is important to determine the diabetes type 2 diet.


Two major causes of diabetes type 2 are lifestyle and genetic. Firstly, people with obesity and unhealthy lifestyle tend to get this diabetes. Obesity occurs as body takes more calories in form of sugar, but only few are being used.  Lifestyle also includes poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, and lack of sleep. People with poor stress control have high risk to get high sugar level. Obesity contributes to sixty to eighty percent of diabetes type 2. Another cause is smoking. Secondly, genetic is predisposition of diabetes type 2 as similar to type 1. In type 2, genetic can be suppressed into low level, so people might not get diabetes. Genetic only influences diabetes when combining with unhealthy lifestyle.


Diabetes type 2 diet needs to be focused to control glucose in blood. As mentioned earlier, excess hunger will make patient to consume foods more than they need. To prevent such thing, diet should be conducted properly. Sugar in bloodstream comes as glucose which one of three major forms of sugar can be absorbed. Diet will control how much glucose intake for diabetes patient. Dietician and doctor will recommend replacing carbohydrate-based foods with sweet fruits. If the body needs sugar, fructose is the only solution for diabetes patients. However, keep the fructose at proper level as well. Basically, your body should contain the balance compound to get the better metabolism.


To reduce overweight and obesity condition, you should do aerobic exercise. Study showed strong relation between diabetes patient and aerobic exercise in term of low sugar level. Diet does not solely relate to foods because it requires comprehensive program. Several medicines are available to reduce insulin resistance and high sugar level. However, medication is good for short period, so you need to take diabetes type 2 diet as primary solution. Therefore, healthy life starts from yourself.

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