Diabetes Type 2 Symptoms You Need to Know

This time, you should aware about diabetes type 2 symptoms. Diabetes is a disease in which body cannot generate insulin or cannot use the produced insulin properly. Insulin is a hormone in our body which regulates the amount of glucose (sugar) in our blood. When this hormone is absent or could not work properly, the sugar level in body will increase and, if uncontrolled, it could cause many health issues.

Diabetes Type 2 Symptoms

Diabetes Type 2 Symptoms

At its early stages, diabetes type 2 symptoms may be often overlooked because it develops slowly. But, if it is not treated properly, it could lead to several life-threatening diseases such as heart and blood vessel disease, nerve damage, kidney dysfunction, hearing impairment, skin conditions, and even Alzheimer.

Like the other type of diseases, it also has the symptoms, though diabetes type 2 symptoms develop gradually and often overlooked at its early stages. It could take years to finally know that you have that disease. However actually, there are several symptoms of diabetes type 2 you could observe as the followings.

  1. Increased hungry feeling

Insulin helps to move sugar into body cells. For the reason, your organs and muscles will lack of energy and leads to the ever increased hungry feeling.


  1. Blurred vision

If blood is really saturated with sugar, it is not only the fluid from the body tissues that get absorbed by the sugar, but it also pulls the fluid from your eyes’ lenses and affecting your visions.


  1. Frequent urination and Increased thirst

Sugar buildup in the blood eventually sucks your organ tissues’ fluid. This leads to your thirsty feeling. Your increased drinking frequency eventually causes you to urinate more often.


  1. Weight loss

Though you may eat more to compensate your always hungry feeling, you might not have weight gain. On the contrary, you might experience weight loss. This symptom happens due to the inability of body to metabolize glucose to energy, and then body uses the optional energy stored in the fat and muscles. The result is that your body is getting thinner.


  1. Fatigue

Another diabetes type 2 symptom is fatigue. This is due to the lack of sugar in the part of your body cells. You will always feel irritable and tired.


  1. There are darkened skin spots

Oftentimes, diabetes type 2 gives mark to the skins by giving dark patches skin in the creases and folds of your bodies, such as neck and armpits.

  1. Frequent infections and slow-healing wounds

Diabetes type 2 has the impact to your body’s ability in resisting infections or heals up properly, making those processes take longer time than usual.


Those are several diabetes type 2 symptoms and causes. The symptoms may vary from one to other people though. And for sure, you need to check it with doctor.

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