Hidden Diabetes 2 Symptoms Revealed Here

Diabetes is known as silent disease that comes to our body silently then suddenly caused complications. But this doesn’t mean we cannot see the signs of diabetes when it starts attacking us. There are some diabetes 2 symptoms we must know so we can anticipate the next step to prevent or treat diabetes mellitus. First symptom is frequent urination. When our blood is filled with excess glucose, our kidneys will flush the glucose out of blood into urine. This causes excess urine production then makes us urinate much more frequently.

If you go to bathroom to much more often even you must get up oftentimes in the night just to urinate you must go to see your doctor and talk about your problem, probably you get diabetes type 2. Next of diabetes 2 symptoms is increased thirst. Blood glucose in high levels will set up domino effect within our body. High level of blood sugar is leading to the increased urine production also need to more often urination. The frequent urination will cause fluid loss and dehydration.

Diabetes 2 symptoms

Diabetes 2 symptoms

Because of that, we develop the dry mouth. We’ll also feel thirty much more often. If you think you drink much more water or you feel your mouth is much drier and you also feel thirsty much more often, you may want to see your doctor since this may be diabetes 2 symptoms. Unexplained weight loss is the third symptom of diabetes type 2. Sufferers of diabetes type 2 don’t have enough glucose in their blood, this cause weight loss.

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The other cause of weight loss on diabetes sufferers is the frequent urination. When diabetes sufferers urinate much more frequently because of their uncontrolled diabetes, they will lose more water and calories that cause weight loss. Usually, weight loss causes hunger. So be careful if you experience increased hunger, it may be diabetes 2 symptoms. Sufferers of diabetes type 2 have a condition called insulin resistance, what is this?

Insulin resistance is a condition when our body is not able to use the insulin properly in order to help glucose get into cells. This condition causes high levels of insulin in their body. High levels of insulin will send signal to our brain that our body is hungry. If you find those diabetes 2 symptoms recently, you need to see your doctor now and check if you get diabetes or not. Then you will get proper type 2 diabetes treatment that safe your life.

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