How you can know about ICD-10 Code for Diabetes

In order to know and understand the diabetes coding, especially ICD-10, this is better to make comparison for structural differences between ICD-10-M and ICD-9-CM. The diabetes mellitus which also known as “DM” codes in ICD-10-CM becomes the combination codes which including of DM’s type, the body system which had been affected and complication that affecting that body system as the part of code description as well. However, there are many peoples who do not understand about what is icd 10 code for diabetes? The first level of subcategory specifies the type of complication according the system, such as: the diabetes with ophthalmic complication, kidney complication, circulatory and neurological complication. The level of sub classification then describes the certain manifestation as well.

icd 10 code for diabetes

icd 10 code for diabetes

This diabetes coding also very challenging in ICD-9,then while ICD-10-CM try to make a thing getting easier and clearly, but the potential of confusion was still presence as well. You might go through this way to find out the fact that at least there are 2 types of diabetes that you might know, they are: type I or juvenile and type II. Similar with ICD-9, this ICD-10 also has different chapter for their different types of diabetes as well. so you need to understand the major types of diabetes bellow:

The comparison of diabetes coding

249: The secondary diabetes mellitus E08 diabetes mellitus that caused by underlying
E09 chemical or drugs which ad been induced in diabetes mellitus
E13 the other diabetes mellitus


250 The diabetes mellitus E10 type i of the diabetes mellitus
E11 type of the diabetes mellitus
648.0 diabetes mellitus on mother, childbirth, complicating pregnancy or puerperium 024 Gestational diabetes on pregnancy

755.1 the neonatal of diabetes mellitus


P70.2 the neonatal of diabetes mellitus


So, this coding structure in diabetes ICD-10 become very essential to understand and remember, because there are always starting point in determining the codes for all of the patient which need to be seen and treated for diabetes.

How you can code in ICD-10?

Once again, these categories referring to the four major categories above and this is not only for type I or II diabetes:

–               E08: having diabetes mellitus because of underling condition

–               E09: chemicals or drugs which induced the diabetes mellitus

–               E10: type I of diabetes mellitus

–               E11: type II of diabetes mellitus

–               E13: the other diabetes mellitus

Keep it mind that for several reasons, then E12 had been skipped.

The subcategory of diabetes mellitus with other specified complication also had been provided which included of codes for DM with the neuropathic, diabetic dermatitis, foot ulcer, periodontal disease, hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia and the other skin ulcer. There are many codes which were needed to describe all of those complications which the patient should be assigned from certain categories as well. Because of this structure code, there was no instructional note found under the code of diabetes mellitus in icd 10 code for diabetes which also requiring additional code to identify the manifestation since it’s already become the part of this code description.

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