Lipitor and Diabetes – Two things that will never work

Nowadays the most disease that causes a death is the heart attack. Heart attack itself is caused by high levels of cholesterol in our body. The most frightening part of heart attack is it can happen anytime to anyone. But don’t worry, because now there are many Drugs that can lower the cholesterol levels in the human body, one of them is Lipitor. But, don’t depend on this drug too much, because it can cause a diabetes. But how can Lipitor cause a Diabetes? What is the relation between lipitor and diabetes? If you want to know more, lets read the information below.

lipitor and diabetes

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Lipitor?  What kind of drug is that?

Lipitor – also known as astorvastatin – is a drug that was discovered by japan in 1971 – which can lower cholesterol level in human body. The scientist of japan, realized that 80% of colesterol in human body is made in the liver. This cholesterol inserted in bloodstream, which later will flow into the heart. After reaching heart the colesterol in blood is separated and make a sediment in cardiovascular which will disrupt the blood flow into the heart and later will cause the heart attack. After knowing this fact The scientist of Japan made Lipitor. Lipitor work by reducing cholesterol in your heart, which means cholesterol in the bloodstream is pulled out. In result of that, the cholesterol production in human body is lowered.

After knowing how amazing this drug is, Is there any Side effect?      

Considering the amazing good effect that is caused by this drug, sadly there are also a side effect. If you consume this drug too many,  it may make you end up suffering diabetes type 2.

What is diabetes type 2? How can lipitor cause this side effect?

Before moving into Diabetes type 2, first we must know what is the diabetes itself. Diabetes is a disease that caused by the high level of sugar in your body. The high sugar level itself is caused by the inability of pancreas to produce insulin hormone. Insulin hormone, is a hormone that changes glucose into energy. Without it, glucose can’t be changed into energy and as result sugar level in our body increases. Diabetes itself may occur to anyone who love to consume something sweet. Usually people who suffered diabetes are adult, but there is still a posibility to suffer diabetes even if you are still teenager. Diabetes itself was mainly divided into 2 categories, one is diabetes type 1 and another one is diabetes type 2.

In Diabetes type 1, your body creates an imnune that destroys the insulin – produced by pancreas. Which lead into sugar level raises in your body because there are no insulin that change it into energy.  Scientist says that Diabetes type 1 has no relation to your diet. In Diabetes type 2, your pancreas still create insulin, but the amount of the insulin that is produced is too little or doesnt work properly. This type of diabetes, is mainly caused by the food you eat.

So what are the Relation between Lipitor and Diabetes ?

Lipitor is a drug that contains high amount of sugar. So it is not recommended for you to consume Lipitor if you have Diabetes history. Because lipitor and diabetes are two things that contradict each other.

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