Pre Diabetes Icd9: Cause, Sign, Symptom, and Treatment

Talking about Pre Diabetes Icd9, some of you probably have no idea about this condition. In fact, more than 40 million of people on the world have pre-diabetes. Then, what is icd 9 code? What is the correlation between that code and pre-diabetes? Pre Diabetes Icd9 is actually medical code that relates to several symptoms which can be used for knowing that someone has pre-diabetes disease. By using icd9, it will make a doctor easier to diagnose a disease in someone’s body.

Pre Diabetes Icd9

Pre Diabetes Icd9

Pre Diabetes Icd9 Numbers

In Pre Diabetes Icd9, every condition has its own numbers, and ever number surely has own condition. For example, 790.29 is used to explain about abnormal glucose; meanwhile, 790.21 is for impaired fasting glucose, and 790.22 for impaired glucose tolerance. Besides those numbers, there are also some numbers like 278.00 for obesity, 278.02 for overweight, and 278.01 for morbid obesity. Not only Pre Diabetes Icd9, there is actually another way to diagnose this disease, that is Pre diabetes icd 10 code. What makes those codes different?

The Differences between Pre Diabetes Icd9 and Pre diabetes icd 10 code

Discussing about those kinds of codes, there is actually no big differences. What make those codes are different is its code and description. For example, in Prediabetes diagnosis code icd 10, there are also some numbers like R73.09 that describes for other abnormal glucose, R73.01 for impaired fasting glucose, R73.02 for impaired glucose tolerance, and R73.9 for unspecified Hyperglycemia. Besides, there is also E66.01 for morbid obesity caused by excess calories, E66.09 for other obesity caused by excess calories, E66.8 for other obesity, E66.9 for unspecified obesity, and E66.3 for overweight.

Therefore, if you get R73.09 it means you have pre-diabetes. The pre-diabetes itself is a term that explains about the condition where the blood glucose levels are higher than normal condition. That is why it is called abnormal glucose. This condition actually cannot be qualified as diabetes. However, if you get pre-diabetes and leave it untreated, it can be a diabetes type 2.Pre-diabetes is used to call as impaired fasting glucose or impaired glucose tolerance. Then, it was changed to highlight the risk of diabetes. This happen due to a lot of people who get pre-diabetes will grow into diabetes. Then, how can we know that we have pre-diabetes?

Sign & Symptoms of Pre-diabetes

Besides knowing it through Pre Diabetes Icd9, there are actually several signs and symptoms to know whether you have abnormal glucose level or not. As you having one of it, you probably should go seeing doctor immediately. Those include:

  • Frequent urination
  • Getting weight loss
  • Increased thirsty
  • Fatigue


Diabetes is actually caused by several factors. Common factor that mostly make people get diabetes is unhealthy lifestyle. However, you can have diabetes as well even you are already having a healthy lifestyle.


Factors of Diabetes/Pre-diabetes

  • Weight

Sometimes a person with overweight is easier to have pre-diabetes. Your cells is more resistant to insulin if you have more fatty tissue.

  • Age

Diabetes actually can develop to all ages, even to children. However, people over 45 normally are more susceptible to have pre-diabetes. This occurs because of at this age, they are commonly have less exercises; lose some muscle mass, and also gaining more weight.

  • Food consumption

Food and beverages becomes two things that cause diabetes risk. If you like consuming meat, sugar-sweetened snack or beverages, it can lead you to higher pre-diabetes risk. Meanwhile, you also can get lower pre-diabetes risk as well by consuming fruits, whole grains, olive oil, or fruits.

  • Gen history

If you have parents or other families with type 2 diabetes, it can increase you pre-diabetes risk. Therefore, be careful with it.

  • Race

Several races such as Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, African-Americans, and Asian-American are probably develop pre-diabetes easier.

  • Sleep Schedule

People who have sleep disorder normally will increase their risk of insulin struggle. A person who usually works at night due to its night shifts can easier get sleep problems, and also have higher risk of pre-diabetes.


Those are several things that caused pre-diabetes. People who have pre-diabetes actually can get over it easily, yet it depends on how they treat it. If pre-diabetes left untreated, it can lead into more serious problem such as becoming Type 2 diabetes. If you are living with Type 2 diabetes, you will be more difficult to get over it. Here, we provide you several things that you can try to treat your pre-diabetes.


  • Consuming healthy foods and beverages

People with pre-diabetes will be so much better avoiding food or beverage with high calories and fiber. You can consume fresh fruits, vegetable, and grains.

  • Do more exercise

Exercise can help you reducing your calories. That’s why you need to be more active and do more exercise. You can do jogging or other exercise for 30 to 60 minutes every day.

  • Dieting

Overweight people sometimes are more susceptible to live with diabetes. If you are overweight, you can do healthy diet to lose your weight about 5 -10% of your weight. This not only can reduce pre-diabetes, but also it can help avoiding you from Type 2 diabetes.

  • Have a healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle will lead you to a healthy body. Therefore, start from today you can stop doing bad habit in your life such as smoking, eating junk food, or drinking alcohol.


Pre-diabetes can happen to children as well. That is why if your children has overweight, it is better for you to take her/him for Pre Diabetes Icd9 checkup. If he/she already have pre-diabetes, you do following treatments:

  • Do a healthy diet for losing his/her weight
  • Don’t give him/her food with high calories, carbs, fats, and fibers. Make a healthy food with fresh vegetables and healthy ingredients may help.
  • Make him to do several exercises or other physical activity for an hour every day.

There are actually some alternatives that help you controlling your blood sugar levels like consuming healthy foods: banana, ginseng, white mulberry, fenugreek, cassia cinnamon, and others. So, those are some information of Pre Diabetes Icd9. If you already get the result, make sure you treat it as soon as possible.

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