Serious and Dangerous Diabetes and Feet Problems

Even though diabetes mellitus is a silent disease, it usually will tell its sufferers by giving complications after sometime. The most common complication caused by diabetes mellitus is foot problem. That’s why we’re going to talk about diabetes and feet today. How come diabetes mellitus causes foot problem? Each person who has diabetes mellitus has so much glucose in their blood. If they have those glucoses for long time, they will get serious complications, not only foot problems. There are two problems that are caused by diabetes mellitus; both problems will then cause foot problems.

Diabetes and feet

Diabetes and feet

First problem that is caused by diabetes mellitus that then cause type 2 diabetes feet problem is diabetic neuropathy. Diabetes that is uncontrolled will damage sufferers’ nerves. If the sufferers of diabetes mellitus have the damages nerves right in their feet and legs, they may not feel pain, cold, or heat. That feeling lack is called the sensory diabetic neuropathy. If the sufferers cannot feel sore or cut on their foot due to the neuropathy, cut can be worse then be infected. Diabetes and feet must be anticipated by all sufferers of diabetes mellitus.

When nerves that are making the muscles working are damaged, foot muscles won’t function properly. This condition is able to make the foot can’t align properly then create pressure in another foot. Another condition that causes the connection between diabetes and feet is the peripheral vascular disease. The silent disease also affects blood flow. If the blood flow is not good, the sore or cut will not heal quickly. Blood flow that is poor in legs and arms is known as peripheral vascular disease.

Diabetes Feet Symptoms and Types

Some foot problems can lead to an infection then cause serious complications like amputation. That is why we need to understand the symptoms of diabetes foot problems then get the right treatments. Athlete’s foot is the first type of diabetes foot problems. Athlete’s foot is name of fungus that is causing redness, cracking, and itching. The germs are able to enter through cracks in skin then cause infection. To treat diabetes and feet patient with this foot problem there are medicines that are designed kill fungus.

Nails’ fungal infection is the next of diabetes and feet problem. When the nails are infected by fungus, they will be discolored like opaque or yellowish brown, thick and also brittle. For this foot problem that is caused by diabetes there are some medications like oral medication or pills. Another treatment for this diabetes foot problem is the periodic removal to clean nail tissue that is damages.

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