The Cause Different Types of Diabetes

The International Diabetes Federation stated that over 187 million people in the world have no idea they’re suffering from diabetes, and it’s time for us to be more aware of the cause of diabetes. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder associated with high levels of blood sugar or glucose and the body’s failure to properly utilize said glucose as energy. This disease is said to be a long-term condition as there is no cure. To understand what cause diabetes, read below.

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The cause of type 1 diabetes

Also known as juvenile diabetes because the cases are often found in childhood, it was previously thought to only develop between birth and late teens, although more and more people nowadays are developing this type of diabetes well late into their 20s, and even 30s. The exact cause of type 1 diabetes is still unknown up to this day. However, the researchers are sure that it’s not linked to a particular lifestyle. Rather, the genes that play a big role in the process of auto-immune reaction and it’s suspected that exposure to certain environmental factors may trigger or even worsen the condition. In a healthy body, the immune system is responsible for fighting harmful viruses and bacteria. In type 1 diabetes patient, this immune system mistakenly sees insulin-producing cells in the pancreas as threats and destroys them, making it impossible for the diabetic’s body to produce insulin. Without insulin to help regulate glucose into the cells, sugar starts building-up in the bloodstream that leads to serious complications.


The cause of type 2 diabetes

It is thought that genetics and environmental factors play a big role in the development of type 2 diabetes, which is why it’s often referred to as a lifestyle disease. A combination of unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle and excess weight from poor eating habits trigger insulin resistance and put you at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. The disease itself develops slowly over time, and it’s the main reason so many people are unaware of their condition. Why? Because unlike in type 1 diabetes, the insulin-producing (also known as islet) cells are still functioning. For a period of time the pancreas may still be able to keep producing insulin to supply the body’s increased need of said hormone, resulting in normal blood sugar levels. But unfortunately, the pancreas can only keep up with this for so long. The moment your pancreas fails to produce enough insulin, the blood sugar levels hike up to abnormal range and other serious complications may start to occur.

Now that you’re more aware of the cause of diabetes, let’s start to change our lifestyle and habits to prevent unwanted health conditions such as diabetes!


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