The Signs of Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes mellitus type 2 or diabetes is a metabolic disease that occurs due to the decrease in function or the amount of insulin hormone in the body. Though this hormone is offering a very much function, especially entering the substances of sugar that comes from food into the body’s cells as a source of energy. Sugar originating from food is transported into the bloodstream and then inserted into the tissues of the body with the help of insulin. Thus, it will drown out what happens when the insulin does not work properly, the sugar in the bloodstream will be very high levels exceeding the regular threshold. It is the primary basis of the emergence of symptoms of diabetes, such as frequent urination, easy to feel hungry and the desire to eat steadily, often thirst, body limp, and so forth. Since there are many symptoms of diabetes type 2, we will discuss specifically about the sign of type diabetes 2, since it is paramount to know. Knowing that the symptoms of type diabetes 2 can often be managed by making strict dietary changes, manage blood sugar levels every day, and maintain a healthy weight. However, when the disease is untreated, it can lead to serious complications such as blindness, diabetic coma, and nerve damage. If you are at risk of developing diabetes and have early signs or symptoms of diabetes, then make sure it is in consultation with a doctor as soon as possible.

The Signs of Diabetes Type 2

The Signs of Diabetes Type 2

Here are the sign of diabetes type 2


  1. Increased urination

Increased urination is an early warning sign that commonly happen to type diabetes 2 disease; it is as an experienced as a direct result of excess blood sugar. When glucose is not transferred properly to the body’s cells, the kidneys work extra hard to dump it into the urine, whereas the nature of the sugar is attracting fluid (hydrophilic) so much of the fluid that comes out causes frequent urination.


  1. Excessive thirst

Excessive thirst is another symptom of diabetes type 2 that usually accompanies frequent urination. When the body loses large amounts of fluid through the urine continuously, mild dehydration is a common side effect. In diabetics, this pattern often causes thirst that is difficult to hold despite the amount of fluid they drink. Of course, the more people drink, the more they urinate, which is why both of these symptoms tend to occur simultaneously.


  1. Increased hunger

When the body does not have the good ability to absorb blood sugar into the cells muscle, liver and fat, it becomes tired and requires additional energy to perform the body functions properly, so this will result in improving the hunger. The pancreas gland will also be encouraged to produce more insulin. This process is stimulated by brain sensors that assume that the body is starving because it takes energy, so this will cause a person is encouraged to continue to eat.


  1. Blurred vision

It is an early symptom of diabetes type 2 that does not always appear. It can happen because high blood sugar levels can cause swelling of the lens of the eye, so the vision becomes blurred.

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