What People Need to Know about Coffee and Diabetes

The coffee and diabetes become something which is interesting to be known. That is especially if you have the habit in consuming coffee in the morning to start your day. Getting the info about the effects of coffee to diabetes is something interesting. For sure, diabetes can happen to anyone and of course, we also have the risk in experiencing it. That is the reason why it is important for us to know about the diabetes including how the people with diabetes deal with such this problem. Here are some ideas which you need to know regarding to the correlations and also effects of diabetes and coffee.

Coffee and Diabetes

Coffee and Diabetes

Actually, there are some parties who said that coffee is great for dealing with diabetes as long as it is consumed in a right way, while the other also said that coffee is not good to be consumed by the people who are with diabetes. That becomes another reason why we need to know much about coffee and diabetes. A study shows that coffee can decrease the risk of type-2 diabetes and protect the body from liver cancer and colon cancer. Another study which was held in ’04 stated that the people who consume coffee regularly have the lower risk of the type-2 diabetes. It might be possibly caused by the antioxidant, minerals, phytochemical, and so on which can affect to the insulin sensitivity and the insulin secretion. In the other hand, there is also another research which also shows the opposite. That shows the caffeine might increase the glucose in the blood and then it is getting increased right after they have a meal.

Here are some of the possible benefits of coffee to the people who have diabetes:

There is the Chlorogenic acid in coffee which can avoid type-2 diabetes
The glucose in the blood can be decreased after consuming coffee before eating.
Phenol in coffee can make the blood sugar to be stable
Can reduce the appetite
Trigonelline in coffee can avoid the accumulation of fat
Increase body metabolism
Prevent the insulin resistance
However, there are also some bad things which need to be noticed regarding to the coffee and diabetes, in case the coffee is consumed too much.

Coffee can accelerate the build up of the sugar in the blood
Destruct the body metabolism
Inhibiting the glucose absorption in the blood
In brief, coffee can be a good friend or even a bad one for them who have diabetes. It can be a good friend if you consume it properly. It is good to be consumed without any sweetener. Then, it is good to be consumed before you eat. Then, do not take coffee more than two cups of coffee in a day. Never forget to have the good lifestyle, healthy diet, and do exercises regularly. That is what you need to know about coffee and diabetes.

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