What to Know about Diet for Gestational Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease in which your body has no ability to produce enough insulin and causes the rise of glucose in your blood. It leads to several chronic health issues. There are three known type of diabetes: diabetes type 1, diabetes type 2, and gestational diabetes. In case of gestational diabetes, it is a high sugar level in blood disturbance experienced by women during pregnancy. This disease happens to around of 4% pregnant women who have no record of diabetes previously. Well, you should know the diet for gestational diabetes.

Diet for Gestational Diabetes

Diet for Gestational Diabetes


The surge of blood sugar level during pregnancy might cause a helpless feeling. Aside from taking care the pregnancy, you should arrange consultations with your doctors, taking medications, having blood tests, be careful with the food, or you might need to start a balanced diet. The most important thing to ask might be this: “What should I eat?” Just what is the right diet for gestational diabetes?

You might have heard lots myths about food and diabetes, and these even make you helpless even more. If you just being diagnoses of gestational diabetes, and you are unsure about what food you need to have, the following are several things you might want to understand about diet for gestational diabetes.

Actually, you need not to do special diet when you are in this gestational diabetes conditions. Conditional on your existing diet, you might need to reduce certain foods and add certain other nutrients. Once, if you had just diagnosed with gestational diabetes, you might go home with list of not-to-eat foods or you need to avoid sugar altogether. However now, there are no such strict things. You are probably advised to do some changes in your daily diet, but there is no cutting out.

You might be advised to adhere to the balanced healthy diet as suggested to every people. The main target is to manage your blood glucose levels to always on the normal level and preventing excessive weight gain during pregnancy. By gaining the target, you have the most likely chances of getting a healthy pregnancy. So, the choices of foods play important factors here. Besides you have to choose your meals carefully, you should enjoy them as well.

You might be advised to eat less carbohydrate, and substituting it with the better sources carbohydrate. You need to spread the carbohydrate throughout the day, not to consume it at once in a heap. You also have to prevent foods with ‘suitable for diabetics’ or ‘diabetic’ labels. Just eat fish regularly as it is good for you and your baby. You need to eat 2 portions (about 280g) in a week. But, avoid fishes with higher mercury such as shark, swordfish, marlin and tuna. Furthermore, in undergoing diet for gestational diabetes, you need to avoid certain meat, unpastured milk, liver, uncooked egg, and certain cheese. Moreover, do not forget to always wash vegetables and fruits before cooking or consuming them.

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